What We're About

At Krave Burger, we’re about amazing food, served at a reasonable price, in a comfortable, stylish environment.

We’re about quality; 100% pure beef burgers, completely filler-free, that sizzle on the grill and melt in your mouth.

We’re about process; sourcing foods locally and making sure they’re as fresh as possible. About taking the time to get it right; carefully preparing dishes like they were for friends and family. About every meal coming out of our kitchen – burgers and beyond - being top-notch.

We’re about our guests; making your time with us simple, and enjoyable. About less time wasted ordering and waiting, and more time relaxing while enjoying our food and your company.

We’re about service; ensuring that any type of appetite can be satisfied, that your every need is met, and that you’ll remember our staff for all the right reasons.

We’re about local; about supporting farmers and businesses in our community. About giving back in any way we can, including a monthly commitment to local charity. We love where we live.

We’re about innovation; about evolving our menu, exploring new flavours and ideas, delivering pleasant surprises, and insisting on setting the standard.

We’re about creating a dining experience that you’ll truly krave.


Chef Matt MacIsaac

Cape Breton native Matt MacIsaac has harvested a lifelong passion for food. Growing up on his grandparents' farm as a large family’s eldest son, he was responsible for a variety of chores, and exposed to a wide array of game meats and produce.

MacIsaac's first experiences with cooking came early, helping his mom and grandmother prepare family feasts. He fell in love with the craft, and began working in industrial kitchens soon after; starting as a dishwasher and moving his way up to line cook. He received his culinary training through the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Program before plying his trade in fine dining establishments, both across the HRM and in Alberta.

In the summer of 2013, Matt began researching and developing the concept for a gourmet burger restaurant, traveling across North America and studying the industry's best burger spots. The result was Krave Burger, a throwback to old-school burger joints, with a dash of modern flair.

MacIsaac brings over a decade of kitchen experience, with a commitment to serving fresh, pure, carefully-prepared, and delicious meals. He takes great pride in supporting his community, and looks forward to working in the local restaurant scene for years to come.