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Krave Burger is serving up a wide range of savory gourmet comfort food, headlined by our 100% local grass-fed beef burgers. We’re driven by a dedication to serve you the best burger we can; our beef’s something we take very, very seriously.

Unlike our burgers however, we’re not just all beef. Our menu features a wide range of indulgences that will satisfy any empty stomach, no matter what you krave. We source our ingredients locally, ensuring the freshest taste possible.


While great food’s obviously the focus of our dining experience, it’s only part of the overall picture. You’ll see it as soon as you walk in. Krave’s stylish dining area is dynamic; you can enjoy your order at high-top tables overlooking Spring Garden, a versatile dining room that shifts for any size party, our fully-licensed bar – featuring our own Krave Lager, exclusive from Propeller Brewing Co – or the Burger Bar, right on our kitchen’s front line.

If you seek more stimulation, we also have several TVs, including big screens ideal for any sporting event. If you want a more interactive meal, check out our heaps of online content on our free hi-speed WiFi. If your phone or tablet is running low on juice, worry not: our tables and bar are equipped with USB ports so your device can recharge while you do.

Your meal will also be low-hassle. After ordering, and a quick stop at the condiment station, just grab your favorite seat; that’s it. We deliver your food, so there’s no number-calls or awkward waits by the counter. When you’re finished, we’ll clear everything so you don’t have to sort your waste; just enjoy the rest of your day!


As much as we’d love to claim that serving you the most delicious burger around was our sole mission, it honestly isn’t that simple. We’re deeply rooted in the Maritime community, and a big part of our commitment is supporting our home turf in any way we can.

We don’t just source our ingredients locally to ensure the freshest food; we do it to support local farmers, and to keep money within the local economy. This is an important part of our business; we want those who support us to thrive.

Another part of our commitment is the Feature Burger: every month, our chefs will create a new burger innovation, and donate 10% of proceeds from its combo’s sales to a selected local charity that works to make where we live a better place. Giving back is important to us, it's our way of helping the community we all share.

Thanks for Kraving